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May 2021

#137 1st Israeli-UAE international conference on Water and Food Security is open to Dutch participants June 13-16 2021

The 1st Israeli-UAE international conference on Water and Food Security is a joint initiative between Israel and UAE. The organizers are inviting companies and attendees from the Netherlands to join other international participants, such as leading planners , technology and solution providers, cons...

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#136 Looking for Israeli candidates for New Energy Challenge 2021 of Shell, Rockstart, Get in the Ring and YES!Delft, the Netherlands

The New Energy Challenge (NEC) is a Netherlands-based initiative that invites European and Israeli entrepreneurs operating in the renewables and new energy solutions spaces to share their game-changing solutions that will shape the energy system of the future. Organized by Get in the Ring, Rockstart...

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April 2021

#134 Dutch Money Laundering (ML) /Terrorism Financing (TF) startup is looking for R&D cooperation with Israeli startups companies and universities

Money Laundering (ML) /Terrorism Financing (TF) investigations is much more than workflows and documentation. Regxsa’s platform, Alexis, offers holistic ML/TF investigation possibilities (across products, payments, trades etc.), offering better insights, increasing efficiency and catching smart crim...

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March 2021
February 2021
January 2021

#119 Israeli organizations can apply to join WETSUS, the European centre of excellence for sustainable water technology

Israeli organizations can apply to join WETSUS, the European centre of excellence for sustainable water technology, in order to get access and be part of the R&D projects in the field of water. The annual fee is 30,000 Euros and the engagement is at least for 4 years. Israeli organizations can ap...

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December 2020

#117 Search for Israeli partner to join H2020 Green Deal consortium applying for the LC-GD-6-1-2020 call

A consortium with a proposal that is almost fully prepared for submission under call TOPIC LC-GD-6-1-2020, Subtopic D: “Reducing the dependence on the use of antimicrobials in animal production and in aquaculture”, is looking for additional partners. One of the existing partners is Wageningen Univ...

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#116 Israeli coordinator is looking for Dutch electrolyzer manufacturer to apply for the H2020 Green Deal LC-GD-2-2-2020 call for proposals

An Israeli leading energy entity, is planning on applying for H2020 funding under the H2020 Green Deal LC-GD-2-2-2020 call for proposals as coordinator. The Israeli coordinator developed an inter-disciplinary consortium of public and private organizations, such as electricity and fuel companies as w...

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November 2020

#112 CyberMed, an Israeli startup, is looking for Dutch hospital design partners for development of an intelligent radiologic technologist workflow solution

CyberMed helps healthcare providers give personal and efficient real-time imaging services to reduce costs and meet regulations. The solution is built for radiologic technologists and monitors imaging workflows at the point of care (RIS, modality, PACS); the critical juncture connecting the pre-exam...

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October 2020

#107 H2020 Green Deal Area 5: Israel is looking for Dutch consortium partners for Green airports and ports as multimodal hubs for sustainable and smart mobility

CEOs and senior researchers from Israeli (startup) companies and academia are looking for Dutch partners to jointly submit proposals to H2020 Green Deal Area 5: Green airports and ports as multimodal hubs for sustainable and smart mobility (ID: LC-GD-5-1-2020). The EC contribution is 100 Million Eur...

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September 2020
July 2020

#103 Registration to 1st virtual hydrogen course given by the Netherlands Energy Delta Institute (EDI) to Israeli industry, academia and public sector is open

Focus: In this online interactive seminar of 2 modules in two subsequent days you will get a concise overview of the hydrogen value chain and learn about the latest developments, international cooperation, and funding opportunities. Course organizers: Energy Delta Institute (EDI), the Netherlands,...

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#102 INNOVISION 2020: Call for Dutch Innovation Ecosystems to participate in the prestigious ecosystem award show

The global InnoVision Ecosystem Awards are a celebration of innovative ecosystems around the world, annually showcasing achievements made and applied internationally. This year's InnoVision event will be held digitally on October 13th within the DLD Sync Tel Aviv 2020 event and broadcasted worldwide...

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#101 First virtual Hydrogen masterclass for Israeli researchers and companies, co-organized by the Netherlands Energy Delta Institute and the Netherlands Innovation Network in Israel

We are offering the first virtual Hydrogen masterclass, which is developed by the Dutch Energy Delta Institute, the Israeli Dutch Innovation Center at the Netherlands Embassy in Israel and the Netherlands Innovation Network of the Netherlands Ministry of Economy and Climate Change. The course is...

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June 2020

#99 virtual speaking engagement at Cybertech Global - Cybersecurity for the Healthcare Sector

On July 16th, 2020, a special digital edition of Cybertech Global - Cybersecurity for the Healthcare Sector, will take place. We are looking for a senior representative from the healthcare sector in the Netherlands, who is responsible for cyber, to speak at this event. Specifically, we are refer...

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#94 Mezuro, a Dutch startup company, is looking for Israeli R&D partners for further development and implementation of a novel way to predict outbreaks of COVID-19 using mobility and dwelling information based on mobile telecom network data

Mezuro, a Dutch startup company, is looking for Israeli R&D partners, Israeli Mobile Network Operators and the Israeli government to further develop and implement a novel way to predict outbreaks of covid-19. The R&D project focuses on the use of mobility and dwelling information based on mobile tel...

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May 2020

#90 Tishrei Diagnostics, Israel, is looking for Dutch partners for clinical trials for rapid detection of bacterial antibiotic susceptibility

Partnership objectives: We are looking to communicate with professionals working in the field of clinical bacteriology for the purpose of better understanding their needs, and improving the performance of our technology, toward developing a better solution to the problem of diagnosing the antibiotic...

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April 2020

#89 Israeli Afeka Centre for Language Processing (ACLP) searched for Dutch partners to detect COVID-19 from voice

The Afeka Centre for Language Processing (ACLP) mission is to solve speech and language related problems, using a customized approach. Our solutions employ state-of-the-art methods of automatic speech, speaker and language recognition as well as natural language processing. ACLP was founded in 20...

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#88 NL company launches AI-Based search engine to find solutions to COVID-19: IGOR^AI & IGOR^COV-19

Dutch company Findest has developed an AI-based search engine, called IGOR^AI, that goes through millions of scientific publications, patents & industry to find technologies. They have just launched a free version called IGOR^Cov-19 that is tailored to find scientific solutions for covid-19 from mil...

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#87 SOSA, Israel, offers dedicated COVID-19 programs designed to help cities, states and global corporations cope with the new reality and build resilience for the challenges to come

The global innovation company SOSA is launching new programs focusing on identifying the needs of cities, states and global corporations during the days of COVID-19, and providing them with access to the most relevant technology solutions for fast implementation. 

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Ambeent proposes an AI-based technology to track human mobility patterns and contact points of COVID-19 cases using WiFi network measurements collected via a simple  Software Development Kit (SDK) integrated into any mobile application in use.   Ambeent is looking to partner with: Government aut...

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March 2020

#83 The Institute for Renewable Energy Systems (IRES) at Technical University of Eindhoven is searching for cooperation with the Israeli energy sector

The Technical University of Eindhoven (TU/e), is at the forefront of renewable energy storage and conversion research. TU/e works in close partnership with high-tech manufacturing partners on both fundamental and applied research to achieve a radical transformation of the energy system. TU/e combin...

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#75 Search for Dutch and Israeli researchers, SMEs and startups to address open IMI-JU call on the development of therapeutics and diagnostics combating coronavirus infections

We are looking for Dutch and Israeli researchers from academia, university hospitals, health organisations, SMEs, Startups that are interested in jointly submitting a proposal to the open IMI-JU call on the development of therapeutics and diagnostics combating coronavirus infections. Foreseen budget...

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#80 Searching for Dutch hospitals to share hospital data to improve early detection and deterioration of COVID-19 virus

DSG group is leading a global AI mission with hospitals to improve predictions & identify measures in order to prioritize treatments. The objectives are to * Predict deterioration risk in diagnosed COVID-19 patients * Track climate effect on symptoms development * Provide diagnostic markers...

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February 2020
January 2020

#70 Israel is looking for Dutch companies and research organizations working on bio-convergence for open H2020 calls

As part of the Israeli national program for Bio-convergence, open Horizon 2020 calls for proposals serve as the basis for an info-day that will take place on the 30th of January in Israel. The aim of the info day is to build together concepts for proposals and to find potential consortium partners f...

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December 2019
November 2019

#61 Dutch partners sought for H2020 open calls for proposals mobility, cyber security and drones

Israeli companies and research organisations are interested in submitting proposals to open H2020 calls in the fields of mobility, drone technology and cybersecurity. Dutch public and private organisations are welcome to join evolving consortia. Interested? Please complete our onboarding form found...

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October 2019

#59 LSH: EU H2020 and IMI-JU projects can fund Netherlands-Israeli R&D cooperation in Life Science and Healthcare

Dutch-Israeli cooperation in the field of life science and healthcare is often realized through H2020 and Innovative Medicine Initiative Joint Undertaking (IMI-JU) projects. Israel is an associated country and participates under the same conditions as legal entities from the Member States, such a...

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September 2019

#53 Chemelot Brightlands, Limburg, offers an innovation opportunity for Israeli companies on circular use of plastics

Any Israeli company that has knowledge in the field of recycling plastics (physically or chemically) and the design for recycling or with recycled products is invited. Specific topics include mono-material food packaging, removal of pigments and additives, recycling of some materials that are hard t...

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#55 Chemelot Brightlands, Limburg, offers an innovation opportunity for Israeli companies on energy-efficient buildings

The NL-IL innovation opportunity: Brightlands has started a new business development study where we try to find links between its core materials competence and energy-efficient buildings. Brightlands can mobilize big stakeholders, like building associations that own thousands of houses. Brigtlands i...

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August 2019
May 2019

#48 FinTech and Cybersecurity: Dutch banks, insurers and pension funds are scouting for Israeli startups and scaleups to join Startupbootcamp program in Amsterdam

Startupbootcamp and her Dutch partners (banks, insurers, pension funds and processors, asset managers, and systems integrators) are looking for start-ups and scale-ups to join her Fintech & Cybersecurity program in Amsterdam. The program starts at the end of November and applications are open until...

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April 2019
March 2019

#38 The Israeli Fintech-Cyber Innovation Lab program call for proposals is open for Dutch financial institutions; deadline 16/09/2019

The Israeli government is providing Financial-Cyber data to promote the Fintech and Cyber industries. The Fintech-Cyber Innovation Lab program call for proposals is open, and the Israeli government is looking for financial institutions and technology companies that will own and operate the lab whil...

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#39 Scouting for Israeli FinTech technology for a Dutch delegation of banks and insurance companies visiting Israel May 2019

• In General: Fraud prevention & Compliance solutions (AML, KYC, etc.) & better customer journey, onboarding & engagement in all areas • Retail banking: Open banking, beyond banking, loyalty, Financial well-being etc. • Corporate banking: Treasury Management, Sustainability, payments collections,...

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February 2019

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