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#10 TNO@Holst Centre and Israeli Mini-Symposium on Healthcare Solutions for Homecare (25 Aug)


The overall objective is to showcase TNO@Holst Centre’s innovations for digital healthcare to Israeli medical organizations, such as hospitals and Health Medical Organizations (HMOs), and to introduce TNO@Holst Centre to Israeli startup technology in th...

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#11 Dutch Startups Pitching to Israeli and Dutch Venture Capital (08 Jul)

The Dutch Israeli Innovation Center, which fosters collaboration between the Netherlands and Israel, at the Netherlands Embassy in Israel, is hosting a pitching event for Dutch startups looking to raise between 0.5-2 mln Euros. The startups will pitch to a mix of Dutch and Israeli VCs.<...

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#12 NL-IL Mini-Symposium on Desalination, Electrolyzers and Clean Hydrogen Production (17 Jun)

Clean hydrogen can be produced through electrolysis of water. However, since the solid oxide electrolyzer cell cannot operate directly with the seawater, the water intake needs to be treated. This water treatment comprises of purification and desalination. Israel is a world leader in desalination...

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