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#80 Searching for Dutch hospitals to share hospital data to improve early detection and deterioration of COVID-19 virus

  • Location Ramat Gan
  • Industry Life sciences and health
  • Online since 2020-03-22

DSG group is leading a global AI mission with hospitals to improve predictions & identify measures in order to prioritize treatments. The objectives are to * Predict deterioration risk in diagnosed COVID-19 patients * Track climate effect on symptoms development * Provide diagnostic markers based on imaging & lab measures

Clinical partners:

ARC-Sheba Hospital, Israel (among the 10th largest hospital in the west)

John Hopkins hospital (to be confirmed).


The objective is developing models for:

* Predicting deterioration risk in diagnosed COV-ID19 patients

* Studying climate effect on symptoms development

* Providing diagnostic markers based on imaging & lab measures


Your hospital data can improve early detection of deterioration, healthcare system efficiency, and save lives.


Hospitals' Deliverables & Benefits :

DSG Federated learning enables data anonymity, but each hospital gains insights surfaced from the collective larger data base:

  1. Measures and accurate diagnostic markers- to enable flagging high risk patients and to  prioritize treatment.
  2. Accelerated Automation of imaging results analysis, faster than radiologists.
  3. Extract insights that 'average' radiologist/doctor can't extract.
  4. Credit will be given to all participating hospitals In all scientific publications


The data required:   Anonymized EMR data  and\or Imaging data.

Additional optional data:

- Clinical medical notes

- Genomic data

- Any other available clinical data


Founded five years ago, DSG is a team of 30 data science researchers and entrepreneurs with expertise across all Deep Learning and Machine
Learning methods and a unique method of analyzing errors in the DSG/AI model (95% success rate according to predefined goals across all industries). Experts in analyzing electronical medical records, spectrometric analysis of blood plasma, imaging, and signal processing.

Contact: Dr. Gal Noyman-Veksler, [email protected]; +972-54-455-4647;

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