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#90 Tishrei Diagnostics, Israel, is looking for Dutch partners for clinical trials for rapid detection of bacterial antibiotic susceptibility

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Partnership objectives: We are looking to communicate with professionals working in the field of clinical bacteriology for the purpose of better understanding their needs, and improving the performance of our technology, toward developing a better solution to the problem of diagnosing the antibiotic susceptibility of infectious pathogens.

Tishrei Diagnostics, Israel, is looking for Dutch partners for clinical trials for rapid detection of bacterial antibiotic susceptibility

Technology: At the core of our technology, bacteria from dilute suspended samples are induced by chemotaxis to colonize a specialty optical grating, where they form adherent micro-colonies. This approach allows the immediate isolation of bacteria cells from the sample suspension while overcoming contributors of solution’s turbidity and chemical diversity. Laser diffraction interference detect fine changes in the bacterial micro-colonies, starting from the first replication cycle. Tishrei’s prototype is capable of monitoring bacterial growth curves starting from as little as 10^3 cell/ml suspensions and acquire their real-time growth curve. If antibiotic-related growth arrest is detected, a sensitivity/resistance analysis is provided in 2-4 hours.

Mission: Rapidly perform AST to enable personalized therapies (narrow-spectrum antibiotic administration) at the earliest possible treatment stage.

Proof-of-Concept studies: Bacterial growth with 14 clinical UTI samples; Testing antibiotic susceptibility of 3 clinical resistant bacteria strains.

Status: Preparation toward first clinical trials.

Background: According to the latest WHO report, antimicrobial resistance (AMR) is predicted to cost the world over 100 Billion $US and claim 10 million lives per year by 2050.During the last 20 years, the standard diagnostic techniques for antibiotic susceptibility testing (AST) has been optimized into automated instruments and yet, the complete AST procedure still translates into two working days, at best. Thus, in the absence of rapid definitive microbiological diagnosis, physicians frequently initiate empirical broad-spectrum antibiotic treatment. This leads to significantly increased risk of adverse outcome, mortality and the emergence of antibiotic-resistant pathogens. Thus, there is an urgent need for development of new instruments that could provide faster diagnosis, consequently improving public health and saving lives. The current world market for microbiology diagnostics concentrates mostly around the US and the EU domains and poorly elsewhere. However, even in these developed markets, adoption rate is sub-optimal, as over 50% of treated cases are reported as misdiagnosed. The market’s major constrains are the lack of effective fast response diagnostic methods and the high cost associated with the existing ones, as both limit the practice of microbial diagnostics and its expansion into the global markets.

Contact person Nadav Ben-Dov [email protected]

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