Israeli-Dutch Innovation Center

IDIC empowered by the Netherlands Innovation Network
Israeli-Dutch Innovation Center

The Israeli Dutch Innovation Center

The Netherlands Innovation Network stimulates international cooperation between companies, research institutes and public authorities in the fields of innovation, technology and science. The network's activities help implement the international knowledge and innovation agenda of the Dutch government. We address national and global challenges, aiming to further develop key enabling technologies through international cooperation and a worldwide network of offices.

We develop international cooperation by:

  • providing knowledge and information on the latest innovation, technology and science developments around the world;
  • connecting to potential partners abroad;
  • organizing innovation missions, seminars, workshops and matchmaking events abroad;
  • identifying funding mechanisms for bi- and multilateral cooperation.

We look forward to the opportunity to help you become involved in sustainable innovation partnerships, so we can together advance our common innovation, technology and science ambitions.

The Netherlands Innovation Network in Israel connects companies, research institutes and public authorities from the Netherlands with relevant innovation, technology and science organizations in Israel. Israel and the Netherlands strive to address similar societal challenges in areas such as energy transition, health & care, agriculture, food and water, security. We therefore aim to build partnerships between the Netherlands and Israel so that we can address these challenges together.

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  • Israeli-Dutch Innovation Center
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