Israeli-Dutch Innovation Center

Israeli-Dutch Innovation Center

The Israeli Dutch Innovation Center

The IDIC was established in December 2016 with the specific aim of linking cutting edge technologies from Israel and the Netherlands to benefit of both countries. It is based at the Dutch embassy in Tel Aviv and part of the department of Economic Affairs of the Netherlands.

Although the word innovation seems to have become meaningless from overuse, new inventions and rapidly improving technologies are changing the world at an unprecedented level, affecting us at many levels. In the race for the next disruptive breakthrough, joining forces is a logical step. However, as the science is often pre-start-up level, finding a match can be a challenge. The IDIC embraces this challenge and fosters valuable and effective relations between parties from Israel and the Netherlands.

Often this takes the form of scouting missions, connecting hubs from both countries and matchmaking efforts. Other times, the focus is on events, such as innovation days, arranging speaking engagements or networking events. R&D collaborations between Dutch and Israeli organizations or connecting them to obtain outside funding - such as H2020 - is another way to promote cooperation.

The IDIC is part of a larger structure, called the Netherlands Innovation Network, which consists of 43 innovation attachés based in 16 countries worldwide. The network is under the auspices of the Dutch Ministry of Economic Affairs, which specifically aims to innovate the sectors of High Tech Systems & Materials, Cybersecurity & ICT, Agro & Food and Life Sciences & Health.

In short, innovation means maneuvering in a complicated maze where finding matches between interested parties is a challenge to say the least. The IDIC offers different approaches to its clientele: Large Dutch organizations and government entities come on specific scouting missions or innovation seminars; Israeli companies may look for pilot projects or pitching opportunities and Academic institutions are interested in funding or speaking engagements.

Following is a description of the approaches and examples of activities carried out in the last few years.

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