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#78 Searching for Dutch Electron Microscopy companies and researchers for rapid coronavirus diagnostics

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We are looking for Dutch Electron Microscopy (EM) companies and/or researchers to join an international R&D project which focuses on rapid coronavirus diagnostics. Bringing state of the art Deep Learning and Artificial Intelligence methods to TEM can prove to be a powerful tool in fighting the Corona virus. Contact: Dr. Chen Sagiv: [email protected] or Dr. Racheli Kreisberg, [email protected] at IDIC

Searching for Dutch Electron Microscopy companies and researchers for rapid coronavirus diagnostics

The aim of this proposal is to create an alternative method for the early detection of the Corona Virus as well as extend research capabilities. 
The main idea is to detect the corona using state of the art computer vision and AI techniques using TEM images. 

The high resolving power of electron microscopy (EM) permits studies at nanometer scale, providing direct images of viruses for diagnosis and research. Transmission electron microscopy (TEM) is a good initial step in virus diagnosis and serves as a decisive tool to determine which of the available methods (e.g., bioassays, serological, or molecular biology approaches) should subsequently be used to further identify virus genus and species (source: Electron Microscopy Methods for Virus Diagnosis and High Resolution Analysis of Viruses, Front. Microbiol., 07 January 2019 |

In the consortium we seek to create we will have three main partners: TEM experts who are experienced in TEM research in general and in the study of live tissues in particular. 
The main challenge of this partner would be to generate TEM images from samples that may contain the Corona virus. 
The challenge would be to develop a rapid method for generating images using low cost EM. 
The AI expert (Deep Pathology) will develop the algorithms for the virus detection, recognition and classification. 
The virology expert will be in charge of validation of the algorithms and tuning them to bring medical value. 

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