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#30 First Israeli Women in Green Hydrogen Event (22 Jun)

For the last 3 years, the NL embassy in IL has been focusing on the hydrogen sector. Efforts are embassy wide and include

* innovation initiatives, such as knowledge transfer from NL to IL, delegtaions

* pilot projects of IL startups at NL Multinationals

* scaling up of IL startups in NL

* trade activities are expected to follow the growth of the IL hydrogen sector (i.e., tenders)

During these activities we realized that participation of women in the hydrogen sector is still scarce. It should be noticed that there are women in the IL startups, including at the CEO level, there are a few academic researchers. Involvement of women in the government is more equal, but in the large (petro)chemical, fuel and natural gas industries the majority are men.

Objectives of IL WiGH:

  • To empower IL women operating in the green hydrogen sector, in general, and specifically those working with the NL
  • To develop cooperation with the NL in the fields of production, transportation, storage, utilization, infrastructure, regulation and more

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