Israeli-Dutch Innovation Center

#8 CES Virtual 2021 Israel: Global Challenges, Dutch Israeli Innovative Solutions (01 Feb)


The overall objective of the CES 2021 Israel event is to introduce Dutch startups to the Israeli angel and VC investment community and to the latter to investments in the Netherlands.


  • Firechat between HRH Prince Constantijn, Special Envoy TechLeap.NL, and Yossi Vardi
  • Presentation of Israeli innovation ecosystem, the driver of “Startup Nation”
  • Pitching of NL startups looking for Israeli investment
  • Panels of Israeli investors

15:00-15:05       Welcome note

  • HE Hans Docter, Netherlands Ambassador to Israel


15:05-15:15       Dutch Startups Meet Israeli Investors

                          Moderator: Herman Knevel, Director NLMTD Consultancy

  • His Royal Highness Prince Constantijn, Special Envoy TechLeap.NL
  • Yossi Vardi, Chairman, International Technologies Ventures


15:15-15:25       Presentation IL innovation ecosystem

  • Nili Shalev, VP International Division, Israel Innovation Authority


15:25-15:40       Pitches of 6 Dutch startups (2 min/each)


  1. Braincreators – Intelligent digital inspectors to accelerate business
  2. LeydenJar - pure silicon anodes batteries for energy storage
  3. Oddity.AI - monitor and alert real-time violent incident video feeds
  4. OPNT - Optical Positioning, Navigation and Timing (OPNT) solutions beyond GPS
  5. Pandora Intelligence - create actionable intelligence from unstructured data and real-time information
  6. QBlox - dedicated qubit control equipment


15:45-16:20       Panels with Israeli investors and questions from NL startups and from IL investors

15:45-16:00 Panel A

  • Yoram Yaacovi, Venture Partner, West Fountain Global Fund LP (WFGF) and former head Microsoft Israel R&D
  • Roy Ramon, Managing Partner & Investor, Zero Gravity Capital
  • Shmuel Chafets, General Partner & Vice Chairman at Target Global

16:05-16:20 Panel B

  • Mony Hassid, Managing Director EMEA, M12, Microsoft’s ventures
  • Yair Snir, Vice President, Managing Director at Dell Technologies Capital
  • Merav Weinryb, Managing Director, Qualcomm Ventures, Europe & Israel


16:25-16:30       Closing remarks

  • Dr. Racheli Kreisberg, Innovation Attache, Netherlands Innovation Network, Ministry of Economy and Climate Change

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