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#10 TNO@Holst Centre and Israeli Mini-Symposium on Healthcare Solutions for Homecare (25 Aug)


The overall objective is to showcase TNO@Holst Centre’s innovations for digital healthcare to Israeli medical organizations, such as hospitals and Health Medical Organizations (HMOs), and to introduce TNO@Holst Centre to Israeli startup technology in the field. This is foreseen as a solid first step towards future collaboration(s), in the form of one-to-one projects, clinical trials/feedback, Israeli venture investments in spin-offs from TNO@Holst Centre, etc.



Holst Centre ( is a leading R&D innovation centre for next-generation wireless electronics systems. It was founded in 2005 by The Netherlands Organization for Applied Scientific Research (TNO) and Interuniversity Microelectronics Centre (IMEC) of Belgium. TNO@Holst Centre is innovating to solve societal challenges in healthcare. Under the “human-centric healthcare” umbrella program, innovative solutions are being developed for the three pillars of healthcare: prevention, diagnosis and therapy. These solutions include, but are not limited to, smart clothing and sensors to promote an active lifestyle, wearable health patches and non-contact sensing surfaces for remote patient monitoring, large-area flexible NIR and ultrasound imagers, and 3D printed medication for personalized therapy. These innovations are highly complementary to Israeli innovations in software, AI, and healthtech in general.

Target audience

Israel has a highly developed start-up ecosystem. TNO@Holst Centre aims to attract CXOs from healthcare start-ups to actively participate in this symposium. Furthermore, the following target audience is of interest:

  • Decision-makers at medical device companies and pharmaceutical companies
  • Digital transformation specialists and medical doctors that perform clinical trials at leading hospitals

11:00-11:05       Welcome note

  • Dr. Ton van Mol, Managing Director, TNO@Holst Center, The Netherlands
  • Dr. Racheli Kreisberg, Innovation Attaché, Netherlands Embassy in Israel and Israeli Dutch Innovation Center (IDIC)


11:05-11:20       Minimizing Stress and Maximizing Vitality using Smart Clothing, Dr. Charlotte Kjellander, Team Lead Wearable Electronics, TNO@Holst Centre, The Netherlands

11:20-11:35       A novel digital assisted approach towards managed continuous home care for chronic medical conditions, Dr. Asaf Caspi, Deputy chairman of Psychiatry, director of telemedicine hub in ARC, Sheba Medical Center, Israel

11:40-11:55       Personalized Therapy by 3D Printed Medication, Daniël van der Linden, Business Development Manager, TNO, The Netherlands  

11:55-12:10       Wearable device platform for remote patient monitoring, Prof. Arik Eisenkraft, MD, MHA, Chief Medical Officer, BioBeat Technologies Ltd.

12:15-12:30       Health Patch Platform for Customized Wireless Remote Patient Monitoring, Dr. Ashok Sridhar, Business executive, TNO@Holst Centre, The Netherlands

12:30-12:45       Wearable prescribed digital therapeutic device for non-pharmacological home/office treatment of migraine, Alon Ironi, CEO and co-founder, Theranica, Israel

12:45-13:00       Discussion and closing remarks

Dr. Ashok Sridhar, Business executive, TNO@Holst Centre, The Netherlands

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  • 14 Abba Hillel Street, Ramat Gan 5250607

  • [email protected]