Israeli-Dutch Innovation Center

#29 Dutch hydrogen delegation to Israel (05 Jun - 08 Jun)

The goals of this mission are:

  • following up on leads that were developed during the IL H2 fact-finding mission to NL (May 2022);
  • identifying areas for hydrogen production, transport and storage cooperation with leading IL public, private and government institutions;
  • learning from IL's startups in the field of green hydrogen production;
  • developing a strategy for bilateral cooperation;
  • discussing possible contribution of cybersecurity industry to the protection of hydrogen related critical infrastructure and data;
  • identifying open Horizon Europe and FCH-JU calls for proposals to address EU hydrogen issues and seize funding opportunities;
  • institutionalizing the cooperation in the form of an NL-IL hydrogen platform focused on innovation, trade and investment.

Monday 5.6 Caesarea & Haifa

8:30-10:15     H2Pro

11:30-12:45   Technion, Haifa  

13:00-14:00   Lunch at Technion  

14:45-16:10   Bazan

16:40-17:25   First hydrogen refueling station, Yagur


Tuesday 6.6 Dan Metropolitan and Tel Aviv

10:15 -11:45       GenCell Technology  

13:00-14:00        Lunch

14:15-16:45        Startup Nation Central (SNC)

19:30-22:00        Meeting with MAFAT, Ministry of Defense


Wednesday 7.6 Negev and Beer Sheva

9:30-10:45          Meeting with QD-Sol

12:30-14:25        Efrat facility, Energy Infrastructures Ltd. (EI) + lunch  

15:00-16:45       Beer Sheva's cyber security ecosystem

17:00-18:00        ICL's “Drop the Million” the Green Sdom project, Dead Sea


Thursday 8.6 Jerusalem & Herzliya

9:00-10:25          Israel Innovation Authority (IIA)

11:00-12:00        Israel Ministry of Energy

12:45-13:55        Lunch

16:30-18:30       B2B co-organized with the Israel Export Institute

18:30-21:00       Hydrogen networking event at the Residence  


Get in touch

  • Embassy of the Netherlands in Israel, Economic Department

  • 14 Abba Hillel Street, Ramat Gan 5250607

  • [email protected]