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#36 20th International Energy and Business Convention 2023 (22 Jan - 23 Jan)

The energy market in Israel and around the world has been changing at a rapid pace in recent years. Along with the opportunities that these developments constantly offer, there are also great challenges for the global and Israeli energy economy in the financial, and technological aspects of the energy economy.

At the twentieth International Energy and Business Convention 2023, which is initiated and organized by Eco Energy Strategic & Strategic Consulting Ltd. and Tachlit Conferences Company, we will discuss all these aspects with decision makers and lecturers from Israel and the world who are prominent in their fields, with the participation of hundreds of guests from the energy and economy community from Israel and the world.

The convention, which is the largest and leading central annual energy forum of its kind in Israel for 20 years, will be held on Monday and Tuesday, November 20 - 21, 2023, in the Kfar Maccabiah Hotel, Ramat Gan. This year the Water and Desalination Association is holding its annual conference as part of the conference convention on Wednesday 22.11.2023.

The convention will include:

  1. Two days of discussions in plenary sessions, panel discussions, and lectures on major issues that will lead the energy sector in the coming years.
  2. Meeting with investors, investment managers and analysts with tips for investing in energy stocks.
  3. The announcement of the Person of the Year in the field of energy for 2023 as a token of recognition and appreciation for a contribution to strengthening the energy sector in Israel.
  4. In addition, the conference offers a business platform that allows companies to hold professional and marketing conferences alongside the conference.
  5. The Israel Desalination & Water Treatment Society Conference, which will deal with the most significant topics, and the most advanced technologies in Israel and the world in the fields of desalination and water treatment and related aspects.

The conference will deal, among other things, with the following topics with a special emphasis on securing energy supply while zeroing greenhouse gas emissions by 2050

Monday, November 20, 202308.00-09.00Gathering, registration and breakfast09.00-11.00Opening plenary session:

The International, Regional & Israeli Energy Sector and Regional Cooperation

● The energy crisis and its impact on the global and Israeli economies.
● Global warming and its effect on Middle Eastern countries and Israel's preparation for climate change in the energy and water sectors.
● Energy development policy and the shift to renewable energy.

Chair and opening presentation: Dr. Amit Mor, Co-CEO, Eco Energy Financial & Strategic Consulting; Senior Lecturer at Reichman University

Ambassador Yael Ravia Zadok, Deputy Director General, Head of Economic Affairs Division, Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Professor Yoav Yair, Dean of the school of Sustainability, Reichman University

Man/Woman of the Year in the Energy Sector Ceremony11.00-11.30coffee and cake break11.30-12.30

Development of Natural Gas Resources

● Will natural gas exploration be renewed, and what will happen to the prices?
● When will the Leviathan Phase 2 project be completed? Will more natural gas be exported to the neighboring countries, and will additional infrastructure be built?
● Will floating liquefied natural gas (FLNG) facilities be constructed? Will gas be exported to Europe?
● Will onshore storage reservoirs for natural gas be established?

Mr. Yigal Landau, CEO, Ratio Energies


Mr. Amir Foster, CEO Israeli Natural Gas Trade Association Executive Director, Chair of International Gas Union's Strategic Committee

Mr. Bini Zomer, General Manager for Corporate Affairs & Joint Ventures, Chevron Mediterranean


Investment Financing and Risk Management

● How much capital is needed to build the infrastructure in the next 20 years?
● Who will finance and insure?
● Forecast of oil and natural gas prices and their impact on the value of energy companies.
● Analysts assessments of the value of public companies in the sector.

Chair: Mr. Shimon Seroussi, Co-CEO, Eco Energy Financial & Strategic Consulting

Mr. Adam Ben Yehuda, Head of Project Finance Department, Investment Division, Mizrahi Tefahot Bank

Mr. Alon Sela, Head of Capital Markets & Investor Realetoins, Ratio Energies

Research and Development and Start-Up Companies: From Cleantech and Energytech to Climatetech

● Introduction to breakthrough technologies.
● Will more unicorns be established in Israel?
● Which funds will finance the investment and what is the role of the institutional bodies and the government?


The Hydrogen Economy

● Will Israel focus only on technological developments or will hydrogen valleys be established and projects implemented?
● The route from a fueling station and three hydrogen fueled electric trucks in 2023 to a hydrogen economy in 2025

Chair: Dr. Racheli Kreisberg, Innovation Attaché`, Netherlands Embassy in Israel

  • Dr. Shahar Dolev, Ministry of Energy
  • Mr. Amir Livneh, Israel Electric Company
  • Ms. Shelli Zargari, Gencell Technologies
  • Mr. Amichay Bram, VP Operation & Engineering, Sonol
  • Mr. Yair Rubinstein, The natural gas routes to Israel

Transforming the Energy Sector to a Low Carbon Economy

● Carbon tax: when and how will a carbon tax be imposed in Israel? Will Israeli exporters pay a carbon tax to European countries from 2026?
● The preparation of the industry to reduce its carbon footprint – efficiency measures, shift from fuels to natural gas and electricity and renewable energies.
● Carbon Capture, Utilization and Storage – CCUS: technologies, regulation and applications.

Mr. Gabi Biton, Chairman of the Energy Committee, Industrialists' Association

16.30End of day oneTuesday, November 21, 202308.00-09.00Gathering, registration and breakfast09.00-11.00

Development of the Electricity sector

● The electricity sector crisis: will we sit in the dark in the coming years?
● How many natural gas based power plants are needed for the economy?
● Will barriers to the establishment of solar power plants be removed? Will we reach 40% renewable energy and 10,000 megawatts of storage by 2040?
● How will trade and competition in electricity supply be carried out?
● How will the required investment in infrastructure be financed?

Chair: Dr. Amit Mor, Co-CEO, Eco Energy Financial & Strategic Consulting; Senior Lecturer at Reichman University

Mr. Chen Herzog, Chief Economist & Partner, BDO Consulting


Major General (Res.) Sami Turgeman, Chairman, Noga, Electricity System Management Co.

Mr. Giora Almogi, CEO, OPC Energy

Renewable Energy and Management of Energy Systems – is it a feasible target to construct an additional 15,000 MW of capacity in the forthcoming decade?

● Energy storage, Agri-voltaic electricity production and solar energy production in seas and lakes.
● Removing barriers to developing renewable energy.

Chair: Mr. Eitan Parnas, Director, Green Energy Association of Israel

Dr Yair Grinberg, Department of Geography, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem

Mr. Hony Kabalo, Director of Israel Business Development, Enlight Renewable Energy

Mrs. Dorit Banet, CEO, Eilat Eilot Renawble Energy

11.00-11.30Coffee and cake break11.30-13.30

Energy Storage and Developing the Transmission Network

● What is the optimal combination between developing the electricity grid and constructing storage facilities?
● Energy storage in battery farms – will a conventional storage facility provide electricity for 10 hours by the end of the decade?

Chair: Dr. Nurit Gal, CEO E-NRGY

Mr. Oz Levi, VP electricity and regulation, Electricity Authority

Alternative and electrical transportation

● Electrical vehicles: what are the challenges of charging vehicle batteries?
● The profitability of propulsion technologies with hydrogen, compressed natural gas, biofuels and more.
● Continuing propulsion with diesel and offsetting of carbon emissions.

Chair: Mr. Dani Shavit, CEO of Lubinski. Distributor of Peugeot, Citroen, Opel, DS, MG vehicles to Israel

Eng. Avner Flor, Head of Transportation Infrastructure Directorate, Ministry of Transportation


Waste to Energy

● Will waste treatment facilities be established to generate energy in cities and local authorities?
● Will the bid to build a waste to energy project in Ramat Hovav succeed?
● Technologies, removal of barriers and required regulation.

Chair: Mr. Amos Lasker, CEO EnergyCom

Mr. Zohar Lavie, Due Diligence & Regulation Consultant

Changes in the Global Oil Sector: have we reached “peak oil”?

The Fuel Sector at the Electric Vehicle Era

● Refineries, EAPC, Energy Infrastructure and fuel companies - development plans in the era of electric vehicles
● Are refineries expected to be shut down by 2040?
● Business opportunities in the transport, infrastructure and fuel storage sectors

16.30 Conference closing

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