Israeli-Dutch Innovation Center

#23 Dutch Israeli Mini-Symposium on Energy System Integration (15 Feb)


Stimulate information exchange and explore opportunities for collaboration ranging from R&D to market application between IL and NL on the topic of energy system integration.


This symposium focuses on the coordinated planning and operation of the energy system across multiple energy carriers, infrastructures, and consumption sectors, for a more efficient, circular, and reliable energy system. The system as a whole is central here, not specific parts. Energy systems integration is characterized by decentralization, electrification, new market mechanisms (such as peer-to-peer trading and active market participation of prosumers) and is driven by digitization. Relevance of this topic has increased dramatically in recent years due to the rapid phasing out of old and introduction of new energy sources, carriers, and consumers into the energy system, leading to concerns regarding the resilience and reliability of our energy system.

Target audience

Energy providers, grid operators, policy makers, (academic) researchers


Moderator:        Dr. Mark Boneschanscher, Managing Director, Eindhoven Institute for Renewable Energy Systems (EIRES), Eindhoven University of Technology, the Netherlands


11:00-11:10        Welcome note and intro to parallelism between System Biology and Energy System Integration

Dr. Racheli Kreisberg, Innovation Attaché, Netherlands Embassy in Israel, and Israeli Dutch Innovation Center (IDIC)


11:10-11:25        System Integration: the foundation of energy transition policy

Mr. Mart van Bracht, Director program system integration, top sector Energy, the Netherlands


11:25-11:40        Local energy management and its advantages for Israel

Dr. Gideon Friedman, Chief Scientist Officer, Israeli Ministry of Energy


11:45-12:00        The Energy System of the Future - To a carbon neutral energy system in the Netherlands in 2050

Dr. Jarig J. Steringa, Senior Advisor Energy System Integration, Gasunie


12:00-12:15        Energy Resilience in Eilat and in the Arava: Implementation of Projects and Innovation in Practice

Ms. Dorit Davidovich Banet, CEO and cofounder, Eilat Eilot Renewable Energy Initiative                                      


12:15-12:30        Reliable Power Electronics for the Energy Transition

Prof. George Papafotiou, Eindhoven University of Technology, the Netherlands


12:30-12:45        System integration aspects and GenCell’s technology approach

Mr. Jan- Hendrik Ernst, Manager Europe Sales, GenCell


12:45-13:00        Discussion

moderated by Dr. Mark Boneschanscher, Managing Director, Eindhoven Institute for Renewable Energy Systems (EIRES), Eindhoven University of Technology, the Netherlands


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