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#53 Chemelot Brightlands, Limburg, offers an innovation opportunity for Israeli companies on circular use of plastics

  • Location Geleen
  • Industry High-tech systems and materials
  • Online since 2019-09-03

Any Israeli company that has knowledge in the field of recycling plastics (physically or chemically) and the design for recycling or with recycled products is invited. Specific topics include mono-material food packaging, removal of pigments and additives, recycling of some materials that are hard to recycle (polycarbonate, polyurethane), synthetic textile fiber, biobased solutions for applications that do not allow recycling are welcome to complete our alliance form and state explicitly the societal challenge(s) being addressed.

The linear production, use and discarding of plastics based on fossil sources leads to high emissions of greenhouse gases and to waste problems in oceans or landfill. On the other hand, plastics are also part of the solutions to some major products, through their ability to preserve food, reduce weight, etcetera. The circular use of plastics is the answer to this. This includes several aspects. One is designing applications of plastics that maximizes effectiveness (durability) while enabling easy recovery and recycling (for instance avoiding multi-material composite packaging films). A second one is effective collection and separation technologies for waste. A third one is about efficient recycling, physical where possible, chemical otherwise. And all must be done while minimizing energy demand in the loop.

Brightlands and the adjacent Chemelot park are home to multiple companies that recycle waste plastics and some smaller companies and the BMC institute that specialize in design of applications. The Brightsite institute has chemical recycling of waste plastic as a key area of activity.

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