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#71 3 Feb 2020 The Netherlands 2020 Mobility & Robotics R&D Innovation Alliance Summit in Israel

  • Location Herzeliya
  • Address Dan Accadia Hotel
  • Industry High-tech systems and materials
  • Online since 2020-01-14

The 2020 Mobility & Robotics R&D Innovation Alliance Summit invites you to learn about some of the Netherlands' leading research facilities, manufactures, as well as ecosystem partners and their recent developments in the fields of Flexible Electronics, Structurally Integrated Electronics, In Seat Vital Sign Monitoring, Flexible & Semi Transparent OLED Displays, Super High-Speed Battery Charging, Flexible Batteries Sensors, Optical Wireless Communication, Sensors & Robotics, 5G, LIDAR, Advanced Active Nanomaterials, Mechatronics, Photonic Sensors & Vision Systems, Autonomous Robotics, Thin Film Solar Cells Solar Powered Vehicles, Solar Windows, Solar Thin Films PV CIGS & Perovskite, Integrated Solar Technology, NanoWire Solar Cells

09:30 AM - 10:30 AM Registration

10:30 AM - 11:00 AM Coffee and Reception

Welcoming & Introduction Dutch Government: Onno Huskamp, Provincie Noord-Brabant

Speaker 1 AMsystems: Pieter Debrauwer, Managing Director

JIT Personalized Manufacturing

JIT (Just In Time) Manufacturing has been proven as the defacto standard for the automotive industry. 3D Printing is taking that to the next level by allowing customization and flexible manufacturing in ways previously unheard of. See how robotics and integrated manufacturing can take personalization to scale in ways never before imagined.

Speaker 2 HTSC: Edwin de Zeeuw, Program Advisor

AI and the 4th Industrial Revolution

Robots are no longer the future; they are already working side by side with us today. The Fourth Industrial Revolution (4IR) is here. But without the software to power them intelligently and safely, they would be nothing more than towering hunks of metal and plastic. How can we build reliable, efficient, AI that can operate side by side with us? How will we ensure its control? Learn about new trends to enable high level and low-level systems to work together with people, as AI powered robotics take control of vehicles, machines and infrastructure. What will all the new data generated by them be used for? How will we interact with these new smarter autonomous systems? Where will we encounter 4IR next today? What about tomorrow? How can we focus are companies to benefit from these new trends and stay and at the crest of the wave?

Speaker 3 IPI & EAISI : Prof. Ton Backx, President Institute for Photonic Integration

Photonics & the Machines of the Future

Sensors capture more, Data moves faster, Silicon is reaching its limit. The photonic world is already here, but with the adaptation and rollout of 5G and autonomous systems at scale in 2020, it is now reaching the tipping point. Learn how these new developments are pushing the envelope of possibility and reaching new heights that will fundamentally change computing, processing, alongside the way we conceptualize the machines of the future.

Speaker 4 Holst Speaker: Lotte Willems, Business Development

How Will We Change the Way We Drive: Experience – Surroundings & Powertrains

How will enabling real time monitoring of driver alertness & health affect semi/autonomous commutes. What are the upcoming sensors enabling this? How will they work? When will new functionality such as “morphing surfaces” whereby controls move out of the surface when needed be commercially viable? How will Flexible & Semi Transparent OLED Displays be produced affordably and change the way we experience the ride? What does “Super High-Speed 3D Solid Stae Battery Charging” mean for the future of our powertrains? Why are flexible and stretchable fully printed battery sensors critical to bring these to market safely and efficiently?

13:00 PM - 14:00 PM


Industry Roundtable

Power, Storage, Sensors & Range – What will the vehicles of tomorrow be like? City Transformer: Asaf Formosa, CEO & Founder

Others  - TBD

Speaker 5 Solliance: Hans Linden, Program Manager

PV Integrated in Cars: Significant or Nonsense?

Integration of PV in the roof of a car has been developed in 2019 by TNO in collaboration with one of the companies ramping up the production of solar powered cars. The remaining surfaces of the car body like doors are more challenging for PV integration due to the shape and form. Demonstrators are at this moment under development at TNO-Solliance using thin film PV.

Speaker 6 Ministry Economic Affairs and Climate Policy: Focco Vijselaar, Director general Enterprise and Innovation

Goverment Policy & Micro Mobility; How do each influence the other?

Innovation comes at a price; it disrupts existing industries and creates new opportunity. Government can either help or hinder these moves, how can startups with limited resources insure the former rather than the latter? What are the key points that need to be addressed when working with governmental agencies and how do you get approval for new projects? What role will digitalization play in tax revenue and how can you use this to incentivize adoption on the local, regional and national level?

Closing Dutch Government: Onno Huskamp, Provincie Noord-Brabant

17:30 PM - 18:30 PM Cocktail Reception, Networking and Demonstrations

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