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#32 Eilat-Eilot 10th Clean Energy Conference (17 Dec - 19 Dec)

Every other year the Eilat-Eilot Renewable Energy Initiative hosts Israel’s focal sustainable energy conference. More than 700 leading figures from government, business, academia, and the NGO community attend the conference. Guests and delegates from around the world have a unique opportunity to explore new projects and technologies, to work toward promoting supportive policies in Israel, to learn about global trends in the booming clean energy industry, and to enjoy productive business networking on the magnificent shores of the Red Sea.

The conference is an international platform for promoting a carbon free economy, encouraging Israeli cleantech, and promoting maximum production of decentralized clean energy. The conference is part of the city of Eilat and Arava region’s leadership vision which aims to turn the entire area into an energy independent domain by using smart clean energy, serving as a platform for presenting and applying Israeli cleantech innovations, and being a breakthrough role model by instituting a prosperous yet carbon free economy.


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